Have You Heard About Neolith?

Everyone has a connection to their bathroom in some shape or form, but for some the love for their bathroom is more than just a connection, it’s a way of living.

With so much emotions involved in such a confined area of the home, it’s no wonder that there some great materials currently on the market that compliments the level of sophistication that people expect from their bathrooms. In the last decade, there has been a massive move towards high end renovation and remodeling of existing bathrooms and kitchens in the western world, and recently in the UAE. This need has seen a terrific material come onto the market that meets the needs of both the contractor and home owner.

nThe product is Neolith, and its out of this world. There are several other competitors in the market, from Neolith meets people’s needs on almost every level. Neolith is a new breed of tile that is referred to as an “ultra-compact surface”. Its performance against other materials has seen it rise in popularity in a short period of time. It is beautiful, durable, almost non scratch resistant, non-porous and versatile to be used on walls, floors and benchtops.

Neolith is made of natural materials such as oxides, granite, glass and silica. Once these materials are processed, it comes out the other end as an extremely resilient material that is resistant to checmicals, heat and hold, water and the dreaded coffee spills – something natural stone simply cannot match. It requires no sealing and isn’t prone to scorching or cracking from thermal shock.

With its lookalike stone patterns that can be book matched, it’s very difficult to tell the difference between Neolith and real stone, even for the trained eye.

Neolith comes in large sheet formats and exists in several thicknesses including 3mm, 6mm, 12mm and 20mm, making it possible to clad over existing tiles and stones without having to remove existing tiles, instantly reducing the mess, time and your hard earned money by reducing labour intensive removal dumping costs.

One of the most attractive things about Neolith is that compared to the equivalent natural stone it competes, its a fraction of the cost of natural Calacutta stone, making it accessible to most people’s budgets.

Whilst its almost perfect, just like stone or tiles, every material has its limitations. The polished tiles are prone to some abrasion, but in a bathroom we’d recommend a silk or similar finish to give some slip resistance in your bathroom, which should alleviate any abrasion concerns. The other downsides to the product is that its delicate to install and should only be done by true professionals. Chips and breakages on corners could mean replacing the entire sheet panel! Your average tiler should not be trying their hand at it, so you should expect them to break the sheet should they try. A costly exercise for a prized material!

Overall, Neolith is a game changer. The products holds its own against natural and man-made products in almost every aspect. If you would like more information, contact us for more information. If you love your bathroom the way we love bathrooms, then call us to discuss your bathroom renovation using the Neolith product.

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